Legal Documents

Member of Chamber of Commerce
National Registration:130118-001762
Registration ID:20608-12000102
Valid To:27 February 2015


Member of National Construction Association
Member ID:060/1/30/APN/28/3671


Importer Identification
Importer ID:28081114-P
Date:30 March 2011


Social Security Registration Number
Registration ID:05KJ6003
Date:28 November 2005


MIGAS Registration Certificate (SKT MIGAS)
Registration ID:0204/SKT-01/DMT/2013
Date:14 June 2013


SKT MIGAS Certification of Labour Providers
Registration ID:05KJ6003
Date:26 March 2012


License of National Construction Business
Lisence ID:1.601030.3674.2.00073
Date:17 June 2014


Tax ID:02.314.731.7-411.002