Our Services

Engineering Work

Our engineering services including detail engineering drawings and construction & shop drwaing. We always ensure that every part of the project is designed according to international standards, building and safety codes to meet the client's requirements.


Piping Work

Our people have many years experience in piping & pipeline construction work. With strict piping fabrication/construction management and standards, skilled welders and fitters, high safety precaution and exceptional construction equipment condition, state of the art inspection & commissioning equipments (including hot-tap machines). We always guarantee consistent high quality of the finished product, even for highly difficult materials.


Civil & Infrastructure Work

We have capability in building construction; multistory buildings, commercial complexes, warehouses.

Under tight time and cost constraints which requires highly specialized equipment and skilled manpower and the supervision of experienced engineers and architects; we execute all phases of buildings works, using pre-cast or conventional construction techniques, excavation, shallow and deep foundations, concrete and steel structures, masonry & plastering, all types of finishing and electro-mechanical works.

For road works and infrastructure; we have the ability to carry out all types of work of roads and highways, including other structures such as bridges, tunnels, and drainage channels.


Mechanical Work & Steel Structure Work

We provide installation of mechanical and structural steel fabrication & installation for new projects or expansion projects / improvement of production facilities. Where the services that we provide as well as the installation of major equipment (including heavy lifts), piping, pipe racks, steel structures, tanks, painting, insulation, NDT and pre-commissioning / commissioning.


Maintenance Services

We provide maintenance services for all phases of plant maintenance and operational assistance to all our customers in various industries. Planning of work (work plan) we ensure that the process of regular work at the client's location is not obstructed. We also ensure that the work will be completed within the time schedule, quality and cost as required in the contract.