Quality Management


PT. Sapta Reksa Utama carry out all activities of the company based on the achievement of the best quality and performance for customer satisfaction (Customer-Based Performance Orientation). Quality management of PT. Sapta Reksa Utama includes the following statement:


Declaring a Program Quality Assurance Policy and Safety Policy Guidelines are clear, practical and reliable;

  • Making strategic decisions that improve quality, maximize cost efficiency, accuracy refers to the work schedules and minimize Almost Genesis Accident report.
  • The key to effective quality policy is the availability of time and adequate resources in the formulation of the following quality policy understanding, of the Top Management as well as all those involved in making decisions on the quality policy.


Management of PT. Sapta Reksa Utama always try to do the continuous improvement of the quality standard of work in order to become the company of choice for customers, employees and other stakeholders in any business field serviced PT. Sapta Reksa Utama.